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The Billion Reasons You Should Use Mobile Marketing

If you have a business online, no doubt you have tried article marketing, banner advertising, email marketing and blog guest posting.  However, if you want to build your business, then you need to invest some time in understanding why mobile marketing is another way to go for your promotional needs.

There are about seven billion people worldwide. Only four and a half billion people have access to a bathroom, but over six billion people have access to mobile devices. 

What Is Mobile Marketing?

It is the ability to market to people who use mobile phones or tablets.  This type of marketing enables advertisers to communicate and engage with the target audience in a collaborative and pertinent manner.  A key benefit of mobile marketing is the targeting.  You can choose to only target men, in a specific geographical area, age 30 to 50.  Upload your ad, and that targeted demographic is made aware of your offer. There is nothing better than being able to get in front of your audience with a clear message in advertising.  With this new channel of publicity, you no longer need to hope to get the ideal client. The focus for mobile marketing is on the smartphone or tablet.

Is Mobile Marketing A Good Business Decision?

In a word, Yes.  As mentioned there are billions of potential customers waiting for you to sell them your products or services.  If your business rivals have not tried mobile marketing, rest assured they will. 

We live in a 'right now' society.  With this type of marketing, campaigns are relativity simple to create. You can reach out to people globally, or maintain a local audience.

People keep their cell phones with them, and on all of the time.  Your ad is always within arm's reach of your targeted customers. Whether we like it or not mobile marketing is the future and, for a small time, has the least amount of competition. However, this is not going to last.

Best Practices for Mobile Marketing

Some people believe that it will take the place of web browsing as a way of gaining information about products and services. In actuality it already is. For this reason, the opportunities for business expansion thrive in the field of mobile marketing. It is essential that companies wishing to take advantage of mobile marketing have a firm understanding of the most efficient ways to use it.

Each day brings more products and services online via mobile marketing. With mobile marketing, you can create mobile applications to help you present your products and services quickly, efficiently and in a very personal manner to your prospective clients. You might also use a couple of forms of text messaging. The two choices are SMS (Short Message Service) and MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service). SMS is purely text messaging. MMS involves incorporating photos, videos, and other media to present a very vital message.

All forms of mobile marketing are very cost-effective, so you have a luxury of choices at affordable prices. To choose the correct type of mobile marketing campaign for your business, you should stay on top of the latest mobile marketing trends by subscribing to newsletters and networking with experts in the field. Many social media sites and forums focus on the topic of mobile marketing, and these can be extremely helpful.

Understand your target audience and the capabilities of their phones. You should have a good idea of exactly how your target audience uses their phones. For example, if you are targeting seniors who mostly have mobile phones for emergencies, a media-rich campaign may be completely lost on them. Simple, short texts will be more efficient.

Make sure the offers, discounts, and opportunities that you provide your target audience are motivating to them. You may be offering something you feel is of tremendous value; if your customers do not see it that way, it will not do you any good. Be certain your targeted customers have opted into your mobile marketing campaign. Pay close attention to their buying history and their feedback when creating new offers, deals, and discounts for them. This effort will pay off in increased sales volume.

 Be sure your opt-in process is decisive. When your customers opt-in to receive your mobile marketing alerts, they should first sign up at your website and then confirm their sign-up via email if you are using a double opt-in method. This way, you can be confident you are not bothering people who have not signed up. If you get a reputation for spamming people, it could ruin your mobile

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