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Why Promoting Affiliate Programs Is Popular

Affiliate programs are one of the most popular methods used to grow a home based business today. There are some benefits to becoming an affiliate marketer, compared to other types of online businesses, aside from the obvious one of the ability to develop an abundant source of income.

A few of the benefits:

No product development required, developing a product can be ridiculously high priced, however, with affiliate marketing, the goods or services are all being supplied by the seller.

Low start up costs: The only equipment you need to get started is a computer and internet connection.

No licenses or fees payable: A huge benefit of affiliate marketing means you do not have to pay any taxes or obtain any licenses, as you do with a typical brick and mortar business.

Virtually limitless products: Anything you can think of can be found online; you just need to find a merchant that is selling what you are interested in and join their affiliate program.

No experience necessary: There is no need to be a skilled salesperson to become an affiliate marketer, most of the merchants will provide you with everything you need to start selling their products or services.

Employees: You do not have to worry about hiring and paying staff when you first start. As your business grows, you might consider outsourcing some of the work.

Establish a merchant account: As an affiliate marketer, you will need a PayPal and a bank account to be able to receive your commissions.

Stock and inventory: As an affiliate marketer you do not have to be concerned about maintaining stock, or where to store items, if there is a physical product it will be handled by the merchant.

Dealing with customers: When a client clicks on the link to buy a product on your website, they are taken to the dealer's site through your affiliate link to conduct the actual sale. You may be called on to do a charge back if someone is dissatisfied with the item.

Open 24/7: After you have built your website and it has gone “Live,” it is open worldwide 24 hours a day seven days a week, pretty much on autopilot, so there is no real need to sit by your computer other than to check how much money you have made.

No mailing or postage: If it is a physical product, you do not have to worry about packaging and sending the merchandise to customers this is all dealt with by the merchant. Digital products are generally an instant download.

Risk factor: If the product you are selling is not making you money, just choose another one to promote. You are not locked into a contract, so you can look around until you find what is selling.

Income potential: The beauty of affiliate marketing is that the amount you earn is determined by the amount of time and work you are prepared to put into it if it is just a few hours a day, or a few hours a week is all up to you.

Five Things to Avoid

Most people try to think positively and avoid negative thinking. You have a correct approach and a wrong approach to affiliate marketing.

  • Stay Focused, don't try to do every type of affiliate marketing at the same time. If you do not stay focused and divide your attention, you will not do any one thing well. It is hard to do affiliate marketing when you are also trying to set up membership sites or design blogs. The thing is to choose one type of marketing and stick to it until you start making money.
    • Avoid "shiny object Syndrome.”
    •  When you are working online, there can be many distractions. It is easy to check your email and suddenly be presented with all kinds of getting rich schemes, new software, new SEO techniques. These are all "shiny objects" that you should not pay attention to once you start working on a campaign.
    • Do not believe everything.
    • That is a matter of common sense. If you think every person that claims of having made a million dollars in affiliate marketing are telling the truth? It is simply not the case, and you really should not be fooled.
    • Avoid overselling.
    • People do not like to be "sold to." You should talk about the product and provide people with as much information as you have. Being honest and discussing both the pros and cons of your products that are a feature on your site.
    • Don't give up.
    • People that are successful with affiliate marketing are the ones that keep working at it. Do not forget, persistence is what pays off. Choose a particular type of affiliate marketing strategy, learn proper marketing techniques. Stay focused and avoid the shiny objects. Do not become distracted by empty promises.
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