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Understanding Affiliate Marketing

I am finally beginning to understand affiliate marketing.

Or am I?

I am one of those people who can spend years struggling with something that I do not fully understand immediately. I could not twist my brain around the nuances of affiliate marketing, at first. Yes, there are still time’s that I have issues with it.

I believe my self-doubt, my need to be in absolute control is the reason I have experienced so much failure. The frustration I felt from obtaining leads, creating a landing page, an opt-in page then sending emails to my list only to fail.

I am finally listening more or less, with an open mind and learning how to back off and let the process work and not micro-manage it.

I am learning the hard way. I have friends who were earning huge amounts of money with affiliate marketing. Some of these people were earning fairly good money their first week. They were able to understand the process quicker than me. There is one other aspect to their success, vs my lack of success. No, I am not making excuses.

Details below

I needed to micro-manage my marketing and these people (AKA friends,) just executed strategies that they learned and understood, from their training. As well as from talking with others on social media.

Another thing that also hurt me was that I did not have a lot of start-up capital. But these guys and gals had pretty good jobs or savings to dip into to start with. They could pay $2000 or more (more often more)at one time where I could not.

I can no longer be that type of person that will go out on a limb and start cutting it off behind me. I still need to eat occasionally.

One of the things that anyone who wants to be an affiliate marketer should do. Is to already have a job with an expendable income, or, to have sufficient savings and create a marketing budget of at least $2000 to start.

If you are struggling, $2000 might seem like a large amount, but it is pocket change when you compare it to the start up costs of any brick and mortar business out there.

For me, having a large disposable income was out of the question. It is still a struggle at times. However, I have been able to use a marketing budget and it has been extremely beneficial.

What to do with your marketing budget.

Then what not to do

Not necessarily in that order!

Do not waste your budget buying course after course and training after training from gurus. Their marketing scheme (should be called business,)is all about selling affiliate programs and selling training, not really making money via affiliate marketing.

Although it is a form of affiliate marketing. The have a mailing list of buyers/students, that they regularly send out email updates or new offers to. This is usually the bulk of their income be it through one time payments (although some have recurring payments) from their customers and monthly payments from their “Students,” also known as subscribers.

Stay away from the “Shiny Object Syndrome” also known as “SOS.”

You should be spending the money from your budget on tools that will help you market. This is of course after whatever affiliate marketing program you decide to invest in. Things such as automation software to use for your marketing campaigns.

You will definitely need an email Autoresponder, Aweber: Click Here -----

Aweber is likely the most popular or maybe just the most widely used, for managing your email list. There are a multitude of these autoresponders available.

You will need a program to build

your Landing pages, Click Here ----------

​LeadPages is a very good drag "n" drop capture page, landing page builder.

You may need a website (if you need a website or not, depends on the marketing system you choose) a host for your page(s) and of course purchase a domain name, again it depends on if you need one or not.

These are the basic things to use your marketing budget on, don't waste it on empty promises (all the training in the world will not help you if you do not take action)and stick to buying what you NEED not what looks or sounds good.

Remember the SOS trap!

As you can see, my story is all about learning and implementing the process of affiliate marketing. Moreover, about having the right tools, those that you actually need to work your new job.

Do not be mistaken, it is a job, regardless if it is part time or full time. You may be working from home, the coffee shop, at work on your lunch break, whatever and where ever. You have to work at it to succeed!


It will be very hard to earn money without money, so having a marketing budget is very important.

​Again, do not waste your time and the expense of buying “guru” programs or the newest trending tricks. At least until you have a steady income flowing in. Stick to what your initial investment is, for now.

Review the training that you received, but do spend your money on tools that are essential. That will help you earn and that will make your life easier.

I spend a lot of my budget on buying leads. As well as the monthly fees for my autoresponder and lead page program. *Link is to the LeadPage Blog*

At this point, I do not outsource any part of my work, I do not want to spend the money to hire someone else to do what I am able to do. Of course I am some what cheap.

Oh, Oh there is that micro-management again. NOT, actually, I can not afford to right now. Maybe someday although it may take a few years.

I try to focus on the more important things. And if you have not figured out what the important things are, leave me a message in the comment box, with your email address. I will get back to you. Or you can review the training that you got with whatever system you paid for.

Yes, you will be signing up to receive offers for affiliate marketing from me via email. I do not normally "hawk" training programs. If I do then it must be have been beneficial to me and I am simply passing it on to you.

I am being totally honest. Of course, you have the option of opting-out at any time. Simply send me a message and I will take you out of my autoresponder. So you will not be trapped. That is my promise to you as one internet marketer to another.

Which most sites will NOT tell you what I just did. They want your email to put on their list and you will receive emails from them on a regular basis. With all kinds of “NEW” programs, new promises of riches and totally new training. Even if you do not want them.

Johnnie N. Skiles

Gold Master Class MOBE

Gold Franchise owner MDCB

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