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To SEO or Not?

The first thing you need to do is to get inside the head of your potential customer. Think about what they would be searching for when looking for your product or service.

Come up with a list of 10 keywords that describe your business. After you come up with this list, expand it, add more phrases and words to the beginning and end that complement the long-tailed key phrases.

Add buying terms like, cheap, best, most affordable, low cost and other similar phrases are also powerful ideas. If you can rank on these types of long-tailed keywords, you will see incredible results from your marketing efforts.

SEO is a powerful way to market a business these days. It is relatively cost efficient and targeted. It is not like television where you are casting a wide net and hoping to catch a few prospects.

It needs to be laser focused because prospects are finding you through their search terms. It is a role reversal because a person is seeking out your product or services rather than you looking for the customer.

And, by being able to place on a word that relates to a search it captures them at the moment when they are ready to buy. This can significantly reduce the buying cycle as well which makes SEO that much more compelling.

Ignore Search Engine Optimization To Improved Ranking Power

Are you focused on your search engine optimization? Let’s see if this describes your routine. By spending hours researching keywords attempting to find the phrases that have good search volume and low competition. You study all the back-links, and you look at your competitor's strategies that have the same phrases, to help you create a better plan.

You invest in content that is optimized for that list of phrases, words, and then you blast your pages with backlinks with anchor text focused on the expression to your web site and Twitter and Facebook.

That sounds a little painful and most of the time ends in failure. Would you like to try a technique that is more efficient and probably more fun?

My suggestion of how to improve your SEO.

Ignore the research and read more. Are you confused yet?

What I am saying here, is, that you can create content that is more optimized by forgetting the research.


By becoming an expert, the go to person in your market.

Subscribe to the most popular blogs, newsletters, and websites in your niche. Start reading what your peers write, learn the terminology, the phrases used in your market. When you write a blog or content on your web site, you will naturally weave in the most critical phrases that Google, BING and other search engines believe is currently related to your topic.

Instead of spending hours doing all of the keyword research, take hours to create content. The more content you create, the better the odds of getting your site higher ranking for phrases you have targeted and dozens of other phrases that may have never crossed your mind except for reading, and becoming an expert. No don’t write a book, keep it simple, relatively short and concise.

Many new bloggers as I did spent weeks researching keywords and then planning an SEO strategy before we wrote their first word. I got lost in doing research, learning phrases, and checking on what their rankings were.

Instead of focusing on two items that almost guaranteed I would get higher rankings.

We should be producing more content and sharing it in more places.

I am not suggesting you forget about SEO entirely. Just suggesting that you put your focus on creating the highest value content you can. Then you need to let the most people you can get into contact with know that it exists and where they can find it.

Instead of worrying of the strategies and research your competitors use, do research of your own.

Where are the people who may be interested in your content hanging out online? Join forums, Facebook groups, and Twitter where your market frequents and start telling them about your content. Create your backlinks in the most appropriate places possible in front of the people most likely to share it. Imagine the power of SEO, of getting one of your blog posts go viral simply because a few people loved it.

You suddenly get hundreds of new backlinks from your peer's relevant blogs, YouTube channels, and Facebook, Twitter, without lifting a finger. That is what happens when you focus on knowing your market by becoming an expert and creating relevant content, instead of an emphasis on the SEO.

If you use good search engine optimization strategy. You must take most of your focus off of SEO and place it on quality first.

Make your content worth sharing, then tell the world about it.

You will very quickly discover the real power of SEO is not in trying to beat the system, it is using that system to get your content in front of the right people, in the right places, at the right time.

After you have done that, your SEO strategy will lead to long-term success.

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