The Money is in the List?

The Money is in the List

It has been stated, “The money is in the list.” Moreover, this is true, if you have everything and I mean everything setup perfectly. Chances are that you do not fall into that category, few people will.

An example of this is if you are at the top of a sales chain such as an MLM (pyramid) company. Then your list is your associates that are below you. They do the majority of the selling for you.

All you need worry about is that those who have bought your system keep selling and converting those buyers into new associates. Then these new associates in turn find other buyers to become associates and so on and so on.

So you can have a massive list to bombard with email follow up offers trying for an up sale.

My slant is just a little different

The reality is “the money is only as good as your list.” Which means “your list is only as good as your offer,” this includes your landing page as well as your follow up emails.
Your offer nay not be what your customers are looking for at that particular time or it may be too expensive, even the wrong time of the month depending on their payday.
If your landing page is not a mouthwatering too good to resist compelling money magnet or if your follow up emails suck. Then you will not have much chance of building up your list. And an even lower chance of selling anything.
If you have built up a list in the past, and you present the offer to them your list will probably not respond well to the offer. You may lose their confidence, their faith, and may even lose some of them from your subscriber list.
People can be very finicky and it really does not take much to turn them off to lose them from your list. Once their gone they are more than likely not going to resubscribe.
So you need to ask yourself. Is the money really in the list?

Johnnie Skiles

Gold Master Class MOBE

Gold Franchise owner MDCB