The Freebie

The Freebie

The freebie is a “Sub-Offer” that you give away for accepting your “Main” offer. It may also be used simply as a giveaway for signing up to follow your blog.

It can be an eBook, a video, the transcript of the video, a podcast or a coaching session. Just to name a few.
Essentially anything, that may entice someone to purchase your main offer and provide you with their email address. Although the freebie may be given away without the prospective customer accepting your main offer.

Probably the most common freebie is an eBook, which in actuality is nothing more than a pdf file. Although there is a “Digital Publisher” from Adobe that makes non-user editable eBook. This involves buying the program to make the digital product (eBook); of course, there is a free reader available to read the book.

You may write the eBook on a specific subject, or use a collection of your articles (blog post) that may be on different subjects. If you compile your articles that have nothing to do with what you are trying to promote or even related to what your niche is, you might not have a very receptive audience, which could lead you to lose an up sale.

** It may even be a collection of articles that share a common theme that has been written by other people (bloggers) or from any source as long as there is no copyright notice. You would be very wise to give credit to the author(s) with a link back to the actual article, you should be able to give it away without fear of copyright infringement.

Personally, I err on the side of caution and do not copy anyone else’s work, because if they did object; I would wind up with a legal problem.

If you are really paranoid you can always contact the author and ask permission to copy and give their work away, making sure that the author knows their name will remain on the article. This is a good form of advertisement for the author(s). As it gets their work out to a new audience.**

The eBook is often seen as the main offer and the sub-offer would then be the main offer or up sale.

 Johnnie N Skiles

Johnnie N. Skiles

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