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The Definition of Affiliate Marketing

The simple explanation is that an affiliate marketer is someone who forms a business relationship with a business selling goods or services, and is then paid a commission on the sales made. If you are promoting a product or service on your website where a visitor clicks on your affiliate link to that product/service, then buy’s the item, you receive a percentage of the sale as a commission.

A member can choose to act on behalf of one particular seller, or you can sign up on one of the hundreds of affiliate programs that cater to a wide range of products and services.  Then search through the available offers and select the ones you want to sell. Focus on one digital or physical product to make a campaign. Affiliate marketing has become increasingly popular for those wanting to build an extra income source. There is little or no expenditure to start up and no significant technical knowledge necessary.

It is a good idea to learn the advantages and disadvantages of each type of affiliate program, before making any decisions whether you want to promote an individual merchant or be part of a larger member business. Something else to consider is whether you want to sell physical products or digital products.

Which ever one you decide to go with, it is important to have the correct mindset when setting up your affiliate business. Do not just jump in and expect instant riches, no matter what blurbs and emails you see promising seven figure incomes in seven days,s or at the click of a few buttons. It does not work that way. An affiliate business is exactly that, a “business,” and should be handled with that mind set. Draw up a business plan set out your goals, time frames and how much time you are prepared to allocate to your new business each day.

Do not rush in; you must arm yourself with knowledge of what is involved first, take the time to learn from some of the more knowledgeable people, such as the Warriors forum. Read expert blogs; you need to understand which path you want to follow.

95% of marketers give up when they do not make their money instantly or see results in a short time, why not aspire to be one of the very successful 5% by just taking your time and giving it time.

After The Definition, Four Things For Your To-Do List

If you want to succeed, there are some things you need to do, and there are some things you should never do, you can avoid errors and do only the things that will earn you money. 

Some of the things you should do:

* Research different niches

A key to making money on the Internet is research, in the different markets, finding out what problems people have then what products you can offer for a solution.

You can do the same type of research in other niches that you have an interest. If you have an audience that wants to know something about the health market, people are always looking for solutions to the most disconcerting issues like bladder leaks. Research the niche to get a sense of what the top priorities are.

* Build a website

Another key in Internet Marketing is to create a website. There are web hosting sites that allow you to create your site for free, such as,, and to name a few of many. Make sure you build your websites on a hosting account. Moreover, that you register your domain with Godaddy or

* You must learn a marketing method

As described above you may advertise on your website, with the use of Banners and side bar ads.  This online advertising through your website must be visible on Google and other search engines using Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Buy a course if you need to learn SEO, or better yet, become a member of an Internet Marketing team that will teach you the basics.

The worst enemy you can have in Internet Marketing is procrastination, and the only way you can beat it is by taking decisive action, repeated action. If you are afraid of committing mistakes, do not be, because this is how you become successful: committing mistakes and learning from them.

* Sticking to it until you make money

It can take several years before you can see money in your bank account. However, just because you do not see anything yet, it does NOT mean you will NEVER see anything. Persist in your efforts. Even If you are using SEO, it could take several months before you can see any real results.

If you are lucky and have a product that is in demand, you could get a sale within a month. Then you may not see another sale for a long time. It depends on your targeted audience. Just do not expect to get rich overnight. Things do get better, and it is possible to earn passive income after some time before you start making “Big” money.

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