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Shiny Object Syndrome

Okay, you have setup your online digital marketing business; you went through all the training you were supposed to.

You’ve subscribed to and set up a campaign or two in an autoresponder. You bought the cheapest leads (money is getting tight,) you could find from an email vendor.

Been there and done that! Not a good decision.

As you either have or will found out.

Unfortunately, not only are you not getting any sign-ups to your campaigns from those cheap leads you bought, you are more than likely not making any money from the people that do sign up! Everything you try fails!

Your email swipes stink, your capture page won't hold water. You have spent thousands of dollars and have nothing to show for it except a rapidly diminishing bank account.

Yep, this is me! Or at least it was; (I am trying to change my behavior;) I have become very particular with what I spend my money on now.

Even when I do buy something I make sure it is not a subscription service. I have three of them now and do not need anymore.

And if it does not work as advertised – I ask for a refund. I do not go after the "cheapest" email list anymore.

Granted I do not pay over 60-75 cents a lead at this time, but I get far better results than using the 30-55 cents a lead.

Alright, let’s get back to you.

You start searching on the internet to see if you can find out what you're doing wrong. You visit every website you can Google, after about 10 pages you finally find a program that guarantees to make you a 6 figure earner overnight!

It is totally believable and you bite! Now you’re in! All you have to do is spend a couple of thousand dollars and your will be perfect.

Go for it Sucker!

Providing you signed up for a reputable Digital Marketing system and actually completed and continue to follow the training and you found a mentor which hopefully you did, and have.

You would do well to continue with that system until such time as you find out they are not exactly the best one to follow. And yes this does happen.

There are some programs that sound great until you find out who is making all the money, and it ain't you!

Yes, you may make some money, but if you are not "leveraged" most of the money you bring in goes to someone else.

This is the nature of the business! So what do you do? You go looking for another shiny object to play with.

And you spend what little you have left hoping that this is the one!

Okay, have you figured out the problem here?

Go back to the first paragraph and read it again! This is where you need to be and were you need to stay until you start making enough money to replenish your depleted funds.

Johnnie N. Skiles

Gold Master Class MOBE

Gold Franchise owner MDCB

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