Opt-in Methods

Opt-in Methods
The Good & the bad

Double Opt In

If you use the double opting method the lead (email subscribe) must click on a confirmation link in the confirmation email,
providing they gave you their correct email address. If they did not give a “good” email address then they lose!
The confirmation will go back to your autoresponder and is confirmed.
You will then be able to send follow up emails and offers. These leads are going to be more interested in your future offers.
Double ­optin emails will likely have a higher email inbox deliverability. This person becomes a quality lead that will respond better
with your future offers.
After people opt-in using the double opt-in, you should direct them to a “Thank You” page that includes:
1. Thanking them for becoming an email subscriber.
2. Inform them the link to the product or webinar they have signed up for is on the way to their inbox.
3. Tell them your email address (FROM) and also the SUBJECT of the email, so that they know exactly which email to open.
Unfortunately, you will lose some people because they won’t take the time or bother for the confirmation email from you and or simply delete it. Which means you have an unconfirmed subscriber that you really can’t use, most email autoresponders will not allow you to send a follow-up email until they are confirmed. Aweber <http://www.aweber.com/easy-email.htm?id=463745/> (my choice of autoresponders) for instance will keep the lead as unconfirmed for 30 days them automatically delete it.

Single Opt In

A single opt-in email lead might enter a fake email, which is common, just to get your Free offer that you are offering.
Which makes your future follow up emails useless. If using the Single opt-in option, I recommend you deliver your  Free
offer also called a lead magnet, inside a separate email message with the link, and not immediately on the landing page.
This prevents the bogus leads from getting your freebie.
I use single options in my list building campaigns. Ye;s I do get an occasional bogus email address. But not as many as
you would think. Most people are honest about it, but of course, there are some that are out to get something for nothing.
*You use double opt in for your free give away email subscribers, and use the single opt-in for your CUSTOMERS.
* You should never use the double opt-in method for your customers. These are the people that have paid money for your offers are high-quality leads because they are likely to buy from you again. I have had this happen to me and as a routine do not follow up with the confirmation email. If they do not trust me after the first time I do not want to do business with them.*
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Johnnie N. Skiles
Gold Master Class MOBE
Gold Franchise owner MDCB