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Creating and Compiling Your E-book

Writing your e-book content can be a rather daunting task, especially for someone who doesn’t feel comfortable doing that sort of thing.

Another alternative is to hire someone to do the writing for you; this could be rather expensive so it would be in your interest to at least give it a try and write one yourself. The other option is to use a PLR (Private License Right) e-book.

Step 1: Choose A Topic

Sometimes, this can prove to be the most challenging aspect than the content itself. Without a “killer” topic, you don’t have much chance of producing an e-book that people will be happy to distribute.

Although there are many directions your content could take, the most popular ones are those that have two distinct characteristics:

1. It promises the reader a solution to their issue.

2. It tells the reader exactly how to accomplish it.

For example:

The topic is “lose weight quickly and safely.” The title of the e-book is “Lose 10 Pounds In 10 Days Or Less Without Pills Or Surgery”. The content of the e-book tells the reader the solution to their issue.


The topic is “free website traffic.” The title is “15 Ways To Generate Massive Site Traffic Without Spending A Dime”. The content lists what those 15 ways are and explains how to implement each of them. Define the issue and how to accomplish it.

When choosing a topic, think ahead. Can you associate an enticing title with that particular topic? Can you gather some pinpoint content based on that particular topic?

If the answer is no, choose something else. Something that does fulfill all the characteristics that your e-book needs to qualify as a marketing product.

Step 2: Conduct Research

Make a list of keywords that are directly related to the topic you’ve chosen. Then conduct searches using each of those keywords.

What you’ve looking for is quality information about your topic. It may be articles, web content, or any other form of previously written information.

What you’ll do with that information becomes educational and specific with your topic. A good method of doing that rather quickly is to print out the information you’ve found and read it over again.

Once you feel as though you know the topic, you’re ready to start writing the content for your e-book.

Step 3: Create A Table Of Contents

You need to develop a table of content. To establish specific areas within your main topic that you want to cover throughout your e-book.

For example:

· If you write about weight lose, break the main topic down into sub-topics. These might include nutrition, exercise, and mental attitude.

· If your e-book covers 15 ways to generate free traffic, you should make a list of those methods, so you know what sub-topics you’ll be writing.

The more specific your Table of Contents is, the easier it will be when you begin writing. That includes where and how you’ll insert your promotional URL addresses and any information you need to pass on.

Remember, the e-book is intended to be a lead magnet. Make certain you have established a natural means of weaving your information into your content.

Step 4: Develop The Content

The main advantage of having a clear and concise structured Table of Contents is the that you can simply fill in the blanks.

Pick an area of the content you feel most confident and knowledgeable about start writing. Don’t worry too much about being letter perfect or making sense. Just get something written. You will be editing it later in any case.

If you run out of information in a particular area, move to another section in the Table of Contents. Write whatever you can and then move to another area. Keep doing that until you’ve filled in as much content as possible.

If you run writer's block and run out of ideas, and your content is still incomplete, go back to your original research re-read any areas that still need work, do more research if needed.

The information you printed is a means of educating yourself. If you can’t write something on your own, it means that you are not as familiar with the topic as you should be.

In that case, keep reading the printed information until you do know the topic well enough, or do more research, to write something new, something original.

Step 5: Edit and Proofread

What you’ve initially written is the first draft. That’s why it’s important not to worry about the writing style, spelling or being letter perfect.

After you’ve gotten the overall content down, then you can go back and re-write. Re-write it as many times as you need, refining and editing until you’re satisfied with the result.

When you believe you have reached a final draft, put it aside for at least a day or two. After that, you can perform one last edit. Or, you can have someone else read it to find errors or misplaced content, etc..

Anyway, you do it, make certain you proofread your e-book and re-proofread. Both for content and any URL addresses and business information you’ve included.

Step 6: Compile Your E-book

You have two choices PDF or EXE format.

Most people choose PDF, mainly because it is pretty much a universal format that both Windows and Macintosh users can access. And since Adobe Reader comes installed on most computers, opening and reading a PDF e-book isn’t a problem.

Even if Adobe Reader is not installed, it’s simply a matter of downloading a free copy from the website at

Plus, there are programs such:



and online services like:

Neevia PDF Converter

That allows you to create PDF e-book for free.

The other format, EXE, is more commonly used for brandable e-books. These can be created using any number of compiler software programs, many of which come with their own branding software that is included in the purchase price.

These compilers can cost anywhere from a minimum of around $30 ( Activ E-Book Compiler - ) to a maximum price of roughly $200.

You can also brand PDF e-books, but you’ll need to purchase a separate program like viralPDF ( ) to accomplish it.

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