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The E-book

Of all the methods available, distributing a free e-book is still the most popular lead magnet. Although it is losing ground to self-made video’s, free training sites and individual one on one authority training. E-books are likely still the most effective lead magnet to start distributing.

There are several methods of e-book creation; you use your blog postings to make one. Or you can find one from a PLR site, that you can brand give away as your own. It contains information about a specific topic and easily downloaded from a web page after someone gives their email address.

Special Note

Some people require that a person enters their name, first or first and last name, as well as their email address to have access to the download.

Requiring first or first and last names may seem a good strategy to personalize the follow-up emails; unfortunately, it can seriously diminish the number of people who decide to take possession of the e-book.


  • Many people do not want their true names released in the “wild.”
  • The primary objective is to distribute a marketing product widely. Not build and maintain a database of names and email addresses.
  • The potential customer's name is not needed to accomplish this.

If your e-book is not being distributed as you had hoped, you can offer an additional incentive.

For example, with your e-book, you could offer readers even another freebie in exchange for their email address.

Of course, this is not a normal process; if you need to offer other freebies, then you may need to look at the content of your e-book.

That could be an e-course, another e-book from a PLR site, website templates, a software program. Something of value that is related to the topic in the offered offer.

Or you could make that same extra freebie a bonus for signing up for your blog. Essentially any offer that would get you a new mailing list member.

The second form of the e-book that I have already mentioned several times is one that can be branded for you. This would be a PLR e-book or software program. In this version; you are your information. For example, your name, a link to your website or business, or an ad for a product you would like to promote.

You take over the entire promotional aspect of the e-book - after all, it is your marketing lead magnet. Of course, the ultimate value of the e-book - both for you and for anyone who downloads it, is the fact that it contains content that is worth passing along to other people.

If your e-book appears to be nothing more than a promotional message for some product or service, it is unlikely anyone will want it. And if someone does download it, there may not be inclined to distribute it if it does not meet their needs.

What you need to provide is good, concise, and exciting content. No fluff, filler, or BS. Just the most important and interesting facts about whatever topic you have chosen. Keep it short, sweet and to the point, and of course relevant.

That philosophy is the perfect example of quality versus quantity. It’s not about how many pages you publish in the e-book. It’s about how much value you pack into it.

It doesn’t matter whether there are ten pages or 50. If the reader feels they have gained a benefit from the content, you’ve got yourself a winner. And in this case, it means a winner that is distributed by the person that downloaded it to other people that share the same issues. Yes, you will lose the initial email address, but you will gain in the long run. The people that receive the e-book are likely to visit your site or start reading your blog. Somewhere along the line, you will get their email address.

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