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Viral Marketing

Take advantage of this, and you can see a tremendous boost in your marketing results.

If you create videos, here are two places where you can receive maximum exposure:

Google Video (submit your video)


You also need to be imaginative about how you get the word out.

Here are of some of the creative ways to do that:

  • Get your product listed on any websites that offer free downloads.
  • If your product is an e-book, submit it to as many e-book directories as possible.
  • Create a version of your product that people can brand with their information before distribution.
  • Let product owners know that you have a free product available, one they can include in their bonus package.
  • Locate large giveaway packages. Many of them have an open submission, allowing owners to include their products along with all the other offers listed there.
  • Sell your product on eBay for a small fee which includes rights to either resell it or give it away.

The goal is to get your product into as many hands as possible. You can provide the “embed code,” to make it easier for them to distribute your video.

The more people who see them, the more they will get passed along, commented on and followed.

And the more they get passed along, the more benefit you’ll achieve.


Articles are one of the few things that can perform two different and equally effective tasks.

They can be the marketing product, or they can be the tool that promotes your marketing products.

The Viral Product

The key to success is getting your article distributed as widely as possible.

Using similar methods as you do with your videos.

And to accomplish that, you first need to start with an article that webmasters, newsletter owners, and other online users want to distribute.

Some will publish your article on their website, others will publish the article in their newsletter, and still, others will simply feel compelled to pass it along by sending either the article itself or the URL address where it is located.

Without writing quality articles, none of that will take place. Or, if it does, the results will be minimal at best.

To get the most benefit from articles, you need to choose extremely compelling and interesting topics.

The best approach is to give the reader the solution to their problem.

For example, here are three headlines that offer some very desirable content:

  • Lose 10 Pounds In 10 Days Or Less Without Pills Or Surgery
  • 15 Ways To Generate Massive Site Traffic Without Spending A Dime
  • 5 Simple Changes That Will Double Your Existing AdSense Income

Of course, you need to deliver quality information the headline promises.

The headline catches their attention and makes people want to read it, publish and distribute it and pass it along to others.

But getting the article distributed across the Internet doesn’t do you much good if there is nothing in it that leads back to you, your business, or the products or services you’re selling.

The content of the article should include links such as your primary website address, your product affiliate URL, a download link to a free e-book, report, or video, or your email subscription service.

Since the ads will be in the body of the article, they need to be crafted in such a way that it doesn’t appear like a blatant ad.

All you’re doing is suggesting something that contributes to the value of the information contained in the article:

  • For more tips and information on how to lose weight safely and easily, check out The New You Ezine.


  • If you’d like more information, you can download a free report entitled “How To Develop Your Own AdSense Empire In Less Than 3 Weeks”.

In addition to including your links in the body of the article, you have the sidebar you can use as well. Of course you have the option of using both.

In the body, you should use links that are relevant to the content.

The sidebar may be used to compliment the content or ads for different offers or websites.

Whichever you decide, make certain it gives you the most benefit possible.

The Tool

Aside from having an article as the marketing product, you can simply use them to promote your other entities.

For example:

  • If your free product is an e-book or report that includes several methods which can increase AdSense revenue, write an article based on one of those methods.

Then, somewhere within the body of the article, give them the link where they can download the free e-book

The point is, the content of the article you write will be:

1. associated with a specific product or service

2. lead to that product or service

The more valuable the article, the more it will get distributed, and the more people will have access to your product.

That means your product will get viewed on a wider scale.

The final result is more traffic and ultimately more sales.

And that, of course, is the precise purpose of marketing.

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