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Modern Buyers Changing Times

The times are changing fast. Buying habits are showing a new pattern from the way we now know it.

The traditional sales techniques are unable to cope with present day time-constrained consumers.

Today's reality is if you don’t fell the need to change your sales process to improve sales, to get in line with the present day, your only options will be to give up or retrain yourself.

Selling techniques need to change with the new buying habits and the lifestyle of your potential customers.

The truth is, more people are doing more research than before. Your potential prospects are doing research on the internet to find out if your offer or your competitor's offer is better.

Gaining a potential customer's attention will be shorter and more difficult in the future.

Analyze Your Target

The need to target the right people for sales is more critical now than ever before.

The goal is to have all the leads become customers.

In reality, this is not happening.

It is necessary for you to convert leads into customers if the people you are targeting are your ideal customers.

Even with the best sales pitch, you will not catch every targeted lead.

So identifying the right target for your sales funnel is essential.

If you make a pitch about a product or service, to an unqualified lead, no matter how much time or money you spend on them, the deal will not close.

An unqualified lead is someone that has no interest in what you're attempting to sell to them.

For instance, I have absolutely no need for a weight loss program of any kind. But I receive blind emails daily on the subject.

Sell Value

Present day consumers do not have the time nor the patience to listen to a long list of features your products have.

What consumers want to know is how your product or service is a solution, that can take care of their problems or concerns.

Or at least make their issues more tolerable.

The current fast-changing buying habits will not slow down anytime soon.

People are bomb barded with information on every subject imaginable.

Sell Relationships

When you build a relationship that is rooted in trust and authority, you will not have to make the same selling points over and over again.

You can sell something new to them because they have come to trust you as an authority, you have a trust relationship with them.

Sales are easier when you leverage easy to use automated software. Or a service that they have been needing.

Such as training on a subject in which they have a keen interest.

The sales success will not be how well you can make a sales presentation, or come up with a better landing page for your offer.

Current and future customers are building more defense mechanisms to shield them from “buy me” noise.

Traditional sales tactics as in cold calling, static pitches, and being an information guru are not as effective with the buyer of today.

Today, buyers hold all of the power.

Buyers have more information available to them than ever.

They have higher expectations when making a purchase.

They want it their way, not your way.

The way you target accounts

You need to be publishing content that your buyer, your target audience is looking for consistently.

You do not just want to bring in traffic; you want to bring in the right traffic.

And in so doing you will bring in sales.

By creating and publishing content that your buyers are searching for, you can be very confident that the only people entering your sales process are the prospects that are most qualified.

The more qualified a prospect is, the better the chance you are going to make a sale.

Customers are moving away from the brick and mortar business; they prefer to shop and make payment online.

Of course, there is the undeniable fact that some people want instant gratification.

Say you're selling a line of clothing online.

You may lose sales because of the shipping time.

Then again there are many people that prefer online shopping to avoid the crowds in a Mall.

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