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Increase Profits on the Backend

Part 2 (Final)


The client who is offered this up sale offer has shown they are willing to buy higher priced products. So money may not be an issue. They may need to wait until they have more money to return and buy from you later. If you show them how it would save money by purchasing now, they are more likely to buy your one-time offer. Additionally, one of the triggers that people have is fear of loss. If your offer is outstanding, they already trust you, they know that they will want this product at some time, the fear of losing out will get them to buy, knowing that the offer will never appear again.


With the regular line of products in your funnel, you may set up several bonuses; you can provide on the backend at different times. You may make the offer in the confirmation email a download of a product. You can provide them in email campaigns at various times. Once you have someone's attention, it does not hurt to offer them something as a thank you during their contact with you.


Add products that will enhance your customer's experience, that will make them into repeat customers. It should be an offer that is exclusive to your website, even if you decide to provide an affiliate package with it. Do not duplicate bonus offers located somewhere else on your site or people will feel marketed to instead of feeling appreciated.

A value package can include multiple items that you sell separately, but when packaged together, brings the price down to a low price that you would not get by buying them separately. It has to be an excellent deal that shows you are giving value for your customer's time.


A bonus offer may be priced from the hundreds or even thousands of dollars, and can be sold to high-income level customers very quickly. You can sell to other demographics if you have a payment plan. Make many such offers available to your all your clients, who will see it as a prospect to buy in bulk and to save individually.

You can fatten up the bonus offer quite well with info products that don't require additional shipping or handling on your part. While the customer may feel that they are getting a heck of a deal by getting multiple reports, e-books, even video courses, they cost you little to produce, offer, then deliver. Thus, the bonus offers can include many of these items making them highly valuable to your customers.


The obvious idea behind backend offers, is to increase your profits by getting people to buy. Getting them to purchase additional products via the upsell. It also means influencing their buying during the checkout process so that they will upgrade their purchases. What you are doing is now offering them reasons why they should upgrade their offer at a time when they are more suggestible to the idea. This is accomplished before actually allowing the customer to check out, and either at the top or the bottom of the form. They have not entirely completed their offers, and now they are made aware that there is an even better deal just around the corner. Just allow them to view the other deal and upgrade their offer and then complete the checkout after that.


Keep track of which backend offers are creating more income. It may give you valuable insight into your customers’ buying behavior. If you just set out offers randomly and are just looking at the total revenue from all sales, you miss the opportunity to fine tune your sales system to where you almost appear to be reading your customers’ minds.

Some of this tracking may be accomplished with an autoresponder such as to track sales based not only on products but customers too. You can track multiple campaigns to find out what is working and what is not.

You can even do split testing with backend offers. Split testing is when you send 50% of your visitors to one page and 50% to another. If you are testing an order form, for instance, you can just do split testing and see what approach works better. If you only use one method, all that will tell you is what doesn't work. It will not tell you what does work. With split testing, you will see more sales for pages that have either hit a psychological trigger, had better product placement or was more in line with what customers wanted. With split testing, you can not only change products that are being offered on the backend, but you can also do minor tweaks like font color, font size, headers, placement, and more to get a good idea of what works best on your site. Once you analyze the results based on your sales figures, tiers, and customer preferences, you will boost those profits into the stratosphere, which is what backend marketing is all about.

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