Some pundits claim that you should only run one at a time, to keep your focus on how well the campaign is going. How many leads you buy or get from your advertisements, as well as how many sales you get. Others claim that you should run multiple campaigns to increase your chances of making sales, getting more leads, and to become a guru because of their success and simply just getting your name out to as many people as possible.
Single Campaign
For someone who is new to Internet Marketing, running a single campaign would be my first suggestion. It is can be easy to get confused and forget to do something when you are first starting out.
There are a lot of moving parts that you need to keep your eyes and brain on. One error will mess up your entire campaign. All the money, the time and effort (not necessarily to be confused with “time”, even though they are very closely related) you put into building the campaign. Everything will go to waste from just one minor error.
Creating a swipe file (I personally do this last.) Building your lead page that goes through your autoresponder and points to the Video or the Sales page, checking the URLs making sure they point to where you actually want them to and make sure your affiliate ID number is in the URL. Then testing the entire process to ensure everything is set up right so you do not lose any leads or sales.
Then you have to have your follow-up contact via your autoresponder. As some people also do, send a personal email to each “buyer” (this can become time-consuming depending on the number of sales you make.)
There are a couple of benefits of sending a personal email to your buyers using your personal email address. This is useful for both the Single Campaign as well as the Multiple campaigns.
It is a good idea in that it lets the customer (now a buyer) know that there is an actual person on the other end that they can reach out to. It also builds trust which in turn will likely lead to more sales.
Multiple Campaign
Other people will run multiple campaigns at the same time. These marketers are usually the ones that have been around for a while and have a good system in place to be able to handle the load.
They will often run one campaign sending 100 leads to the sales video page, and another 100 are sent straight to the sales page. This is called an A/B split test.
Whichever campaign gets the most leads or even better the most sales would be used to push the bulk of the leads for that campaign. Since they have already set up everything from the A/B split test it is simple to use the winning test campaign to send to 500 to 1000 leads more or less depending on how many leads you purchase or gain from an Ad.
This works great if you’re attempting to get sales for one product or program. If you’re running multiple campaigns with different products or programs, things can get a little more complicated.
You will still have to set up one campaign at a time, as described in the single campaign. Keeping in mind to be careful, not to mix up the lead page’s, landing page’s, URLs or swipe files. So doing one at a time prior to launching them all is really the only way you can do it. Unless you have four hands and two separate brains.
After they are all set up and if you ran a split test you should be able to buy the links, set up a Facebook ad, Google ad or even if you have your own website; a sidebar link. If you have your own website the lead page will only take them to your site, after that, it is a toss-up that the lead will click on the actual ad that you want them to.
Doing Multiple campaigns is really doing a Single campaign and adding one or more campaigns before launching them.

Johnnie N. Skiles
Gold Master Class MOBE
Gold Franchise owner MDCB