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How long will it take me to make money online?

Do you want to know how long it is going to take to earn money online?

Is there a magic formula, and, what is the magic formula?

First, the answer to the second question is YOU! You are the magic formula.

You are in charge of your destiny.

You are responsible for your success as an affiliate marketer.

If you do not work at it, it won't happen. Sitting and waiting for it to happen without doing anything, without taking action, is a recipe for failure.

You are heading for a group of people, a fairly large group actually, that will take any opportunity to demean and debase any online program as a total scam.

To be totally fair there are some online business’s that are a total sham.

Ask yourself.

What is the basis of your business?

The basis of your business is where your niche comes into play. It takes time and effort to find your correct niche.

There are innumerable niches available from which to choose. As in previous blog postings, I have listed a few of them.

Once again, you should use caution if you are using a “Trending” item. Trends have a way of disappearing in a day or two. Then what are you going to do?

I worked hard for the first six months with ZERO success; I all but gave up.

However, I have had other successes, which were important to me.

I built a website, I put out my content on it, this blog and several others, and I have the beginnings of an online business.

I fully expect to lose focus at times, and then regain it.

One thing I learned is that if your only focus is on making money, you will never have it. If your focus is on "building" something great, something that benefits others, educating people, the money will follow. Just do not expect it to happen in a month or two. It may take years!

If you spend a week working on a campaign, hoping it will somehow turn into a money tree, your very likely going to be disappointed.

That is not how the online business works. By my first six months, I had pretty much given up on a full- time income online.

What happened, is my hard work from my all my campaigns failed. I simply could not find that “Magic Formula” that would bring me the success I wanted. I wanted it NOW; I did not want to wait for years to become a success.

Unfortunately, this is how online business works. What you do NOW, may pay dividends LATER and sometimes forever, or sometimes NEVER.

I have campaigns that I created which took me a week to build that have not paid anything.

My focus was and sometimes is still wrong.

My focus needed to be:

· Creating something that was of value to others that were helpful for the people that received the offer.

I still haven’t found the “Magic Formula,” however, I am continuing to try to find it.

To give up is to accept defeat!

I’m not ready for that.

The answer to the first question is - It is up to you and if it ever happens is up to you. Your time, dedication, your willingness to learn and your persistence. Eventually, it will pay off.

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