Born and raised in Texas, spent a large portion of my life in the U.S. Army as a Practical Nurse.

After I retired I did spend a few years as a LPN (LVN for Texans) until I got fed up with taking orders from people who knew less and had less practical (hands  on) training and experience than me.

In other words, I got pissed off at some (what I believe to be) self-centered egotistical mono-maniacs.

Okay, enough of that rant.

I took a hobby of working on computers and got certified as an A+ Certified Technician. Life was good! I didn’t get rich far from it. I was however, doing something that I enjoyed.

I continued as a Computer Technician until I fully retired about 2012.  Pam (my wife) and I started restoring furniture at that time. Just as a hobby. Made some money, not enough to pay any bills with, but we went out to eat more often. Pam, my wife of over 40 years passed away less than a year after my “Full Retirement.”

” Well Ain’t none of us getting out of here alive.” Unknown author. Needless to sayit SUCKS being alone!

So I needed a new hobby. I took two years of trying to learn Hebrew. Failed miserable. Then I got into Internet Marketing,  joined a group of like-minded people and signed up with MOBE (My Online Business Education), I have also purchased a Franchise with MDCB (My Dot Com Business.)

Which leads me to the point I’m at now. Setting up landing pages, and capture pages trying to make some money. I don’t really need it (keep in mind I wont throw it away,) but I would like to have something to leave my kids when I go.

That Lady’s and Gent’s is my story, and I’m sticking to it!

Johnnie N. Skiles

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