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Evergreen Content

The understanding what evergreen content is, is understanding what content you have in the first place.

Inventory all the content on your blog.

Your prize content:

· your white papers

· e-books

· Webinars

· lists

· tips

· tutorials- Tell how to do something. (tutorials, especially with software, will become dated when      new versions/updates come out.)

· share the history of something. (Your story, your business, your biggest mistake, your amazing achievement.)

· interviews (Even if your interviewee changes opinions down the road, the interview is still a valid point of the record.)

· Define terms and explain industry terms or ideas. (This is ideal newbie information and is key to creating evergreen content.)

· Answer common reader questions (FAQ).

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It may also be helpful to be clear about what content is NOT evergreen:

· Reports about research or data that will change over time

· Articles about a specific event, season or news announcements

· Posts or reviews about new or updated products

· The other benefit of evergreen content is that you can reuse it.

Evergreen content, simply put, never goes out of date?        Theoretically anyway.

It is content that contains questions that your visitors are continually asking, or content that is static and has relevance, every day of the year.

It is one of the major factors of consistent traffic to your website or blog. Not only does it survive the rapid changes in the digital world, it also attracts new and old visitors to your site over and over.

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Evergreen content can generate traffic and gain search engine rankings for months, or years after it was published.

It has to be the cornerstone of any content marketing strategy. Because it represents content that your customers are always asking for.

Make sure there is search demand by doing keyword research and checking Google Trends

Make your content ‘basic’ as advanced techniques change all the time. Keep your content up to date

In general, evergreen content will not happen from topics that:

· Are date/seasonal centered

· Have anything to do with current trends

· Breaking news

· Are reliant on current data or statistics

· Politics

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