Email Vendors

Choosing an email vendor can be an issue for a new entrepreneur. Depending on your skill level and confidence of how well you can write an email, you have choices to make.

One of the considerations is cost.

Some sites you can get 100 leads for as little as $0.30, then the supposedly higher end vendors can hit over $1.00 per lead.

Of course, there is no guarantee that you will get any “Clicks” or “Conversions” no matter what you pay.

Other considerations to include are:

How many leads(email address’s)does the vendor over deliver?

With few exceptions, all vendors will over deliver. If you order 100 and get 120 that’s pretty good and about the average for over deliveries.

What countries are you targeting? If your reading this you will most likely be targeting predominately English speaking countries, U.S.A., Canada, UK, Australia.

These countries are termed T1 and should be selected when ordering a list. If not then your email swipe will be going to anyone in the world and you have wasted some money.

There are several different opinions on how high a T1% should be, from 80% to 95%. Some vendors claim a higher % rate, you can check the endorsements

of past customers, most people will post the % of T1 hits.

What this really means is that most but not all of the list will come from an English speaking country.

Some “Guru’s” claim that you should also look at the number of sales the vendor has delivered.

This to me is not really a factor due to the fact that even if the vendor has a good record of sales it does not mean you will get any.

The main factor relating to this is how well your email swipe is written and how attractive the offer is. It is not the vendor’s fault if you have a poorly written email swipe and you do not get any clicks or conversions.

Even the best email swipes will fail if the audience is not receptive due to the cost of the offer, their economic status at the time or their frame of mind when they receive the email swipe.

This is where Aweber aweber comes in very handy.

After you set up your campaign in Aweber create a “draft” message.

Tweak it, test it and when you think it is ready to send to your choice of vendors run the “Spam Score” test in Aweber. If the spam score is to high many email providers will automatically put the email into the junk folder and your contact is lost.

Even if the spam score says it has a low spam score and is ready to send that does not mean that you will get any clicks or conversions.

When you get the spam score down, you will need to copy the body of the email as well as the graphic images to your local computer and copy everything into the vendor; email swipe site.

That depends entirely on the targeted audience, and how receptive they are to your offer.

You will need to make sure that everything is in the correct place as you had it on Aweber and that the URL links are embedded in the right spot.

It is pretty much a guessing game. However; if you get their email address you can then follow up on a regular basis. Sometimes you will get lucky and get one or two at the right time and have a conversion.

People have taken several months to several years to finally take the offer.

You may also use your list to present new or different offers regardless of the campaign they signed up for.

The has two draw backs, some people will unsubscribe or report it as spam to their email providers. In either case you have lost the lead.


Johnnie N Skile

Gold Master Class MOBE

Gold Franchise owner MDCB