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Affiliate Strategies

In this article, I will attempt to show you a couple of affiliate strategies that almost anyone can use to start making an online income by selling products that other people have for sale. Or even selling your own products.

It depends on whether you want to keep it all, or if you are getting a high enough commission for selling it.

Unless you have a product to sell you will start as an affiliate selling for other people. This can be a very good income if you are able to sell enough of their products.

Affiliate marketing is, simply put, when people are trying to find ways they can earn a living outside of a full-time job.

It maybe they are needing a part-time business income they can set up to eventually replace their 9 to 5 job.

Most affiliate’s don't know how to get started and are looking to find a way to do it.

Facebook has taken the Social Media world over. With more than 1 billion users, it has become one of the best places that affiliate marketers can begin to make money.

They provide an advertising format that anyone can use.

And sometimes the advertising cost will be as low as one cent per click.

With that many people available, you should be able to have a large audience that you will be able to reach. If your blog or article is well written. And your SEO is set right.

Social networking has really caused people to move their attention toward near live communication with others, contrary to simply reading about, as it was just a few years ago.

But you will need to choose what you want to sell with care. Most of the products that sell very well are the ones that focus on a trend or hobbies. You are bound to make sales on the popularity of the chosen topic itself.


Forums are another place to sell affiliate products.

The main reason this is true is that because of the people who go to forums are usually looking for more information on a particular subject.

Or a particular program that will make their lives easier.

See my blog titled “SOS”.

You need to understand when people start looking for the next “Great” piece of software.

This is an exciting time we live in folks!

If you offer someone a link to a product, yours or someone's else’s, that helps them with what they are in need of, there may be a possibility that they will buy it from you.

Because you are in their community of trusted people and all are talking about something that they all want to know more about.

Be it an actual program or simply a forum, a blog post that relays the information that fits their needs.

By placing internet site links in your signature file, located at the bottom of every forum post.

You will have hundreds, if not thousands, of eye’s seeing your link which could lead to potentially regular ongoing sales.

Article marketing is probably not as effective as blogging, be it a guest blog or your own site blog.

Either way, you do it you should have a “backlink” to your website's main page or your forum signature and blog postings.

Of course, when they go to your page you will have other links they can check out.

With other blogs or programs or offers for them to look at and wonder if this is what they are really looking for.

Articles is a great way to do affiliate marketing because the articles that you write can be ranked highly by the search engines if you use the proper methods.

By writing an article that is at least 500 to 700 words long, and crammed full of information related to your affiliate products that you are selling.

Do not forget about the title! It should match the information that you are trying to convey but it should match your SEO key phrases. This should be done for a blog post as well.

You are probably going to be able to sell quite a few products when people read your article because it provides the information that they are needing an answer for.

They were researching for this information on the internet.

And if they can find you, and your article or blog, and it is well written, an affiliate sale will definitely be a high probability.

Johnnie N. Skiles

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